JSON To Assess
JSON-Unify Assessment

Checks whether the JSON meets the JSON-Unify Specification

Index Key RuleDescriptionRating
0 ConceptsRequiredUsed for searching and analyzing within the data set, analysis, insights, etc.
1 DataRequiredThe data set, or if blank, "@url" must provide a link to the data
2 MetaRequired Used for searching for the data and how it is to be used, where and how it was created, etc.
3 GovernanceRecommended Any rules and regulations about the data, its use, and access, such as SLAs, roles, and regulatory requirements.
4 LineageRecommended The history of the data, its creation, and its use.
5 GraphOptional A representation of data relationships, both within the data set and to other data sets, and any relationships related to insights between datasets or within this dataset.

Concepts defines the column headers in a relatiional table, any value, as well as any additional features.

Used for: Concepts is for searching within data.

Table of any missing data, or something else
Table of missing metadata
Table of missing governance
Table of missing lineage